Precision Machining

Precision Machining has profoundly influenced and permanently changed many industries that often touch our everyday lives. With the technological advancements in medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics and semiconductor, to name a few, it’s imperative that precision machining techniques, equipment and technology stay balanced as to provide the quality components required.

These days, it’s a prerequisite for a precision machine shop with a desire to work with these industries to have continuous improvement plans in place. Also, it’s important is having the most up-to-date equipment and software along with well trained staff. Having a budget for adding at least one piece of equipment per year will greatly aid in keeping up with technology. The new CNC machine center or Swiss turning center, possibly a new multi axis machine, 3D printer or a new robotic system will have all the latest technology, higher accuracy and solid repeatability required to keep up with these ever changing industries.

A key area of relief using state of the art equipment and technology is error mitigation. Errors can cause great havoc with the schedule, on-time delivery, cost to manufacture and added waste. Putting measures in place to minimize errors is most beneficial to both the customer and manufacturer.

Another important factor in today’s business for precision machine shops is waste reduction. This is mutually beneficial for all parties from the manufacturer to the supply chain through to the end user. Governing waste can dramatically affect the bottom line. It reduces cost which decreases price. A precision machine shop that pays attention to waste reduction is keeping their customers’ needs at the forefront of the business.

The different elements discussed have a serious impact on the bottom line. Forward thinking technology, state of the art equipment, well trained staff and waste management all impact both the customer and the manufacturer. Putting these priorities into perspective guides a precision machine shop to stay competitive and keep customers happy.

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